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The energy solution – it’s in your hands! | Aleesha Rodriguez | TEDxQUT

How do we exist in an increasingly energy intense world, while relying on shared renewable energy systems? This talk bridges one of your everyday actions with one of humanities biggest concerns, demonstrating that solutions to some of society’s largest problems can be closer than you think.

I received a special mention at the 2020 QUT Graduate Research Student Showcase Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Finals.

Advertisement for QUT’s Master of Digital Communication, where my work is featured.


Let’s Talk Research – Episode 9: Consulting with children. Hosted by Dr Peter Tiernan from Dublin City University, Institute of Education (25 November 2022).

selected press

Not just a joke: we scoured TikTok for anti-Asian humour during the pandemic, and found too many disappointing memes, The Conversation (30 September 2022)

Relax, it’s just a ringlight for kids. Toys like the ‘vlogger set’ prepare them for a digital world, The Conversation (24 June 2022)

Happy birthday SA’s big battery and many happy returns of your recyclable parts, The Conversation (30 November 2018)